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Version 6.0 of the Boustead Model available ......Demonstration disc available ......Information for Windows 7 users ......see News for more details...

What is LCA?
Systems & Inventories

Welcome to Boustead Model 6.0 and our website!

Company Profile

Boustead Consulting Ltd. has been reorganized and merged with Boustead Consulting & Associates Ltd.  Our Managing Director will be Bernard R. Yaros, a twenty year associate of Dr. Ian Boustead and President of Boustead Consulting & Associates Ltd.  Dr. William Dove, a former colleague of Dr. Ian Boustead will continue as technical advisor.  Several previous associates of Dr. Ian Boustead will continue as associates of Boustead Consulting & Associates Ltd.; they are Dr. Gian Luca Baldo, Dr. Chet Chaffee and Ing. Marie Ticha.

Boustead Consulting Ltd. grew out of the Boustead & Hancock Partnership, which started working in life-cycle analysis in 1972. With over 40 years of development of the subject and considerable experience in LCA consulting worldwide, the company is probably the foremost exponent of life-cycle inventory work.

Our database and associated software, which build upon this experience, are used by many major companies worldwide.

We also undertake consultancy work for trade associations, with the result that we are the largest provider of public domain inventory information.

Boustead Model 6.0 is now available to former clients at a substantially discounted rate until 30th June 2013 - just contact us at the e-mail addresses below for more details. Key new data/features include: 2009 electricity generation, separate reporting of fuels used for electricity generation, ODP & POCP environmental effects reporting, new materials data sets and extra user comment fields.

Contact Information

If you would like to learn about our product or are new to the subjects of life-cycle inventory and life-cycle assessment, please have a look at the other pages on our Web site.

Electronic mail

Please Contact Us At:  BousteadUSA@aol.com  or LCABoustead@aol.com


Bernard  R. Yaros, Managing Director:

Tel. +1 610 896 9779, Mob. +1 610  639 0507

        Website: BousteadUSA

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